I was at the Fun. concert last night and ran into Darren and Mia with their friends. Darren was kinda trying to avoid having to take pictures, he seemed so tired which is completely understandable. But I just want to confirm that Darren and Mia totally looked like a couple, it was so obvious and…


anon prompted: skank!kurt and nerd!blaine

(warnings for dumb jocks being homophobic and bullying)

The bell signalling the end of lunch rang eight minutes ago, and Blaine still isn’t in his history class.

He shuffles through the rest of his papers and straightens them as fast as he can, willing himself not to take the time to make sure everything’s in the right place and arranged by date. His folder is waiting open on the table, and he slides the pile in quickly, snapping it shut and shoving it into his bag.

It’s not his fault he’s late for class. Mr Carter held him back after math to congratulate him on his 100% score on the latest test, and while he appreciated the recognition, he only had fifteen minutes for lunch before he had to head to the chemistry department to run his 9th Grade tutor group. And then of course one of the slightly less bright students stayed after to ask about valence electrons, which meant finishing late again and therefore not being on time for history class.

It also really doesn’t help that the chemistry department is on the complete opposite side of the school from history. He jogs down the empty corridors, bag bouncing against his side, and briefly considers changing over his books at his locker before deciding that he definitely does not have enough time.

He turns down the corridor past the Spanish rooms and immediately squeaks to a halt because—

Karofsky and his gang of thuggish jocks are standing at the far end, and they don’t look happy. Unfortunately, they see him immediately, one hand clasping his bag strap as he freezes on the spot.

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Full photo of my icon.

Full photo of my icon.


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